Saturday, November 5, 2005

Ipod Nano Vs Louis Vuitton Vs Lifedrive Vs Diamonds

Decision, decisions and decisions. There are so many things I want to buy.. and usually at the wrong time when I'm not working (and not enough $$).
Hand itchy.. been eyeing on the Black Ipod Nano for quite a while since they launched it in Singapore. And then been eyeing in getting another 2 LV bags. And when I had to retrieve some things from my PDA; realised it's old and I need a new one. The Palm Lifedrive seems to answer my prayers for a 'perfecto' manager.
Yah... my husband knows that I've been itching to get an Ipod Nano. I was looking around in US hoping that it'll be cheaper but - no! Then I'm eyeing on two bags : Impala and Little Boulogne. Yah, yah.. wait till my husband finds out he'll freak out. Afterall I've promised him "this is my last LV bags" twice and never stopped. Yup! I'm a great LV fan. Perhaps I should work in LV Singapore, should be able to get some staff discount right?
Wow! Lifedrive is .. I'm speechless. So much better than the one I'm using. But hey! Mine's already 3 years old and with all the new technology around us; that is ancient stuff.
My regular sales rep in Aspial gave me a treat last week. Being a regular allowed me to wear the ring or bracelet a while and then pretend to say "I'll come back another day." Cunning, cunning.(maybe she's too used to what I've been telling her. Should try to think of other excuses liao) Anyway since then I've been dreaming about the 1.something ct diamond which blinded my eyes. Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Whoever said this must be a male - coz' he never got the attention of the ladies. Then at another shop saw this pair of red ruby earrings with diamonds all around it. That's the most beautiful red ruby I've ever seen.
Ai yoh... like that how man. Craving for $$$- sucking stuffs at the wrong time? Be a rich man's mistress??
Ps:Sorry can't get the photos of the LV bags coz' they don't have it in their website.


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pigbylicious said...

SLURPS at the diamond

Liliane said...

Yeh.. but it's definitely not the one I was looking at. This picture is the perfect cut diamond. Will cost me my life.