Tuesday, November 1, 2005


Panasonic called yesterday late morning to inform that the servicing of the video camera would cost me $550, and somemore they will use second-hand parts to replace the spoilt mechanism. If they give me a brand new one it'll cost me $600++.
Die lah.. must quickly get another one liao. Get a video cam that records straight into CDs so that I don't have to plug into my DVD recorder. But then again, does it mean that I cannot rewind and retape if I need to? Also, does it also mean that I cannot plug into the computer to do the Pinnacle editing? Speaking of which, I have yet to do Part 2 and many more of my daughter's photo montage.
Ai yoh.. the more I think of it, I remembered then how am I suppose to play back my current 7 or 8 tapes to record into DVD??
And my daughter asked me "mummy, why your camera spoil?" "Yes, you dropped it that's why the mechanism is spoilt." " No, No, No (very defensive) I neve' spoil, you spoil." That little brat small as she is - going to be 3 has strength of a bull; kick of a kangaroo and hands that never stop touching. She has spoilt so many of her educational VCDs which I had spent in getting volumes and volumes of it for her. Tore the pages of these cute storybooks I bought from Dymocks (can't be found here). I had sent the digi cam for a replacement cover too becoz' of her. Terror!

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