Sunday, November 20, 2005

So many things to do, so little time.

I have thousands and one things to do but I'm battled with a 24hrs day just like everybody. Is it just me or does everyone else hope for longer hours? There is never a time I'm really free and do nothing, most of the time I always have things to do eg. planning holidays to packing for holidays to post-packing to organising photos. And before that was done, favors had to be done for her birthday. (thank goodness I anticipated and prepared some of her favors months before, so I'm only left with the packing of favors into bags) Her birthday party was yesterday, and soon I'll have to find a time to develop and put in her photos in a stick-on album. And I am not done, I have to think of ideas for her bedroom. We are moving her back into her room. Gotta tidy up the storeroom; clear some stuffs in her cabinet etc... endless jobs to do.
Many people think that I have the enjoyment of idling my time at home, even my husband thinks so. But please let me correct everyone who's reading this. I'm not that free, first of all I don't have a maid at home. I have to clean the house myself, frankly I'm getting so tired that I only clean my house on alternate days now (I don't have the energy to do everyday). Secondly once I think I'm a little free, I have to pick up my girl from school and I will have to spend time with her until she sleeps. When she sleeps, I can't have access to the computer too coz' husband will be playing his computer games. Only in daytime, I go from gym to home. I have to sneak in a little time to do blogging and other things on the computer. I must also emphasise that I'm always multi-tasking eg. shower while uploading photos; loading my emails and washing her clothes (yes, I still handwash her clothes separately) Sometimes admittedly too, I'm so lazy. I can well afford to go gym almost everyday since I'm not working but end up only twice a week.
A brief idea of how I spent my time:
7am - wake up & prepare myself
8am - the battle with her starts as I have to prepare her for school (feeding and dressing her up)
8.45am - try to leave house
9.00am - drop her in school
Between 9 am - 4pm - either have to go gym then rush back to do whatever I need to do or housework or meet up with friends and do nothing the whole day. And yes, sometimes my time can be so crazy that I only meet my friends at 12pm to 3pm. So prior to that, it's trip back home to be ah-soh. You see lah! I'm trying to save on my expenses by trying to take train but with it being so time-consuming (and my time is tight) I can't go without the car.
In the evenings, it's her dinner plus one VCD. Her daily lessons, reading, milk and sleep.
I think I need a maid, a maid who's as clean as I am (I'm very particular about cleanliness).
My dear friends, please do not be mistaken too if I tell you that you have to let me know way in advance when you want to meet me. Then I'll schedule my plans, thank goodness I have a handy handphone (which makes me think I should have a new PDA to write down everything I need to do) to remind myself on what I have to do. Funny thing, I need to set alarm for my "To Do" so my phone is like beeping. A couple of friends could not meet me coz' they always tell me "can we meet today/tomorrow"
Honestly speaking, I wish I can be a little free. At the rate I'm going, I'm going to die of a heart attack.

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