Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Daddy's birthday

We celebrated dear's birthday 3 days earlier as he will be out of town tomorrow.
Got him a nice cheesecake from Miki Ojisan. Athena was so funny, she kept telling him "daddy you got birthday cake" the moment he came back when it was supposed to be a surprise. It's a small cake and paid $15 for it. Cheap.
Apparently Athena helped herself to the heart-shaped chocolate and some chocolate rice even before he opened the cake. Well, she was smart to sing the Happy Birthday song, I paused to hear if she would sing to herself but no - she sang for "daddy". You can see in this picture she was so excited in blowing out the candles.. felt as if we're celebrating her birthday.
Well, we'll be celebrating for her one with our family on the 19th and with the school on 24th. And the poor mummy is broke liao... so many people's birthday this month.

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