Friday, November 18, 2005

Is she's trying to be a perfectionist then why the no-confidence behaviour?

Was guiding my girl to do some writing in the late evening. I guided her hands to write the Letter A, then I asked her to do on her own. She held onto the pen and finally she started saying " I cannot do it, I cannot do it" in a very kan-cheong manner. My encouragement fell on deaf ears. And when she made a mess she was crying.

I see no reason for her to cry; afterall she's only 3 and can't write well. Well if I had expected her to write well, trust me I'll start screaming at her even before she finishes the first stroke.
I tried to rub some confidence into her and we went on to Letter B. Same thing happened and she said " you see, you see so messy.." and waaaaah......
What is this? Is she trying to be a perfectionist or she was simply being impatient?
Looks like I have to read up on child psychology to understand what she's thinking.

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