Sunday, November 20, 2005


Catered food
From : Neo Garden
Comments : The food is nice since we had our first taste of it at my brother's church reception. They brought us Fried Rice instead of Fried Noodle and had it changed for us in 20-25minutes. As we had guests of only 15, we could only order the Mini Buffet, therefore there is no warmer. But they provided loads of chilli sauce; ketchups, one big spoon and tong and even trash bags
Ratings : 5 stars

From : Emicakes
Comments : Design of cake is cute, the cake looks very creamy for the girl girl design. But it's not at all creamy and it has a very nice sweet taste (unlike many creamy cakes I've eaten so far). We ordered Blackforest and its equally as good as Bengawan Solo. However I am not at all pleased that the wordings they wrote on the 'side of the cake' - is not done on the cake but on a piece of plastic sheet and pasted over the cake. Play cheat!
Another thing, when I asked for delivery. The lady told me it's between 9am-3pm. It's abit risky. When I asked if they do a certain confirmed delivery time for us, she said I need to pay $10 for that. Well for one thing, they really need to improve on their customer service. At Prima Deli, when I told them if they can deliver at a certain timing before my lunch hour (when I was working), they told me "we can try but we can't promise ok?" That's customer service, you don't tell a customer "no" but rather say "we will try". At least even if they come a little late, I wouldn't scream at them. Anyway, Prima Deli had never failed to deliver before my stipulated time.
Ratings : 3 1/2 stars

As we all know that Concourse has these few stores that carry items in bulk. I went into Party & Gifts to pump up the Mylar. Generally a query was made in this shop as well as AZ Gift : you need to pay S$50 for a small tank (approximately 45 balloons) and $200 deposit. Rental period is for 3-4 days.
Balloon Baron : Can't remember how much is it. But the tank can blow up to 100 balloons and you return it when it's empty. I don't need so much, I'm not running a party supplies store.
Airscapes Designs : $80 for a tank that can blow up to 45-50 balloons. A deposit must be made and return it 2 weeks later.
Hope this helps for anyone planning a party

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