Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hubby talked about another trip

Hubby talked about bringing Athena for a short holiday the following week. Sounds tempting to go BKK again, coz' I'll be spoilt for spas at Banyan Tree. But then I stopped short the conversation and said "she has her full dress rehersals. And she has skipped alot of classes this year with all the long trips."
Then hubby said about bringing her to HK, my little girl chipped in and said "I want to go Disneyland." "Disneyland? Daddy is going to Florida next year leh..." Wow! I looked at the rear mirror while driving and told them "then go Florida better, it's DisneyWorld there." I'm praying hard that we'll go there next year. Meanwhile I shall rub the magic lamp and await for my genie to grant me my wishes.

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