Friday, November 18, 2005

Crystal Jade

We had our dinner at Crystal Jade, the ladies recognize us. And what impresses me is that how they'll fuss over Athena. And this lady Bee Hong is always so sweet. She even offered to help me cut the noodles for Athena.
Another older lady made a comment, she said Athena is cute and very Japanese looking, very guai etc.... told her don't make that comments so fast. Somehow she did saw that Athena is very restless keep moving up and down. And she told me " some sayings that if a pregnant woman eats crabs during her pregnancy her children will be active." I told her " yah! I had a craving every week. And I'll have it at least 3 times a month. Then she commented "ni mei you pang ta de shou." I don't understand this, my mom also said that I refused to tie up her hands when she was young thus she's so "itchy hand now". Anyway I don't find any theoritical evidence to prove this.

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