Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My whiny girl

Couldn't wait to see my girl after I heard her scream for me in the morning and how she cried and cried for me.
When I got to mom's house, I saw her eyes opened looking at me. Mom said she only slept, she probably woke up when mom opened the door. Meaning to say that she hasn't even taken her afternoon nap and I'm already bringing her out.
She came up to me and hugged me. Ai yoh.............. she means everything to me. But when she's naughty she drives me crazy that I want to bang my head against the wall. So you know on days when I write the little girl/daughter etc.. means she hasn't made me angry. When I write the little brat means I went berserk. Count how many times I've written "brat" in this blog of mine.

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