Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Race against time / Birthday favors

True as it can be, I'm always racing against time. I wanted to bring my daughter in earlier so that I can go for the 9.20am Reno's combat class. But with all the screaming and all.... we only left the house slightly later than usual. Looks like I have to figure out my schedule again, cannot go for 9.20am class when she's around. And when she reached school, the children began their morning prayers. She missed the dancing again!I think I must wake her up at 5am, let her dilly dally as long as she wants.
Headed straight to the car at 9.23am hoping that I'll be able to do at least 20 minutes class. Luck was not on my side. At 9.47am I was only at Eunos flyover, 9.51am only 700m to Paya Lebar exit. An accident on lane 1 had slowed down the traffic. And amidst the traffic was an ambulance two cars infront of me, and another one on my left headed out towards the accident scene. At 10.05am I'm at Goodwood Park Hotel. Forget it lah.... how to go for class? And for the first time I used the steam room in the fitness club. Today's quite a leisurely time, I went down to Party with Us at Centrepoint and to Concourse to get daughter's birthday stuffs. I like doing stuffs for her birthday but I'm getting sick and tired of looking at Elmo's face.
The party supplies in Singapore don't carry as wide range as the US. I ordered some items online for her months ago. And thought in US will try to do more shopping, yes! I saw the cute Elmo pinatas and party stuffs. Impatient husband is like pestering me "quick lah, no more shopping."
Anyway, just the other day she told me " mummy, I like Big Bird." I went "now you tell me.... too late!" Next year must let her choose the theme where I can get the things here.

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