Thursday, November 24, 2005

My daughter's love for music and movement

I spoke to my girl's teacher yesterday and she mentioned to me that " Athena asked me Ms Leaw when are we having music and movement." So cute......
We always know that she has this keen interest in music and dancing. I'm not trying to boast about my girl but she remembers songs well. I played just the first 4 notes of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars on my electone organ and she will start singing. And then she'll also sing the Alphabet songs.
Talk about dancing, I think she has this genes from mummy in her. My mom said that when I was a young child, I'll start dancing in the shopping mall whenever I hear music playing on the PA. My girl does that too, and she sways her buttocks;move her body. Very funny but hey! she's moving in rythmn.
Sometimes whenever I have the time, I'll stay awhile and look through the windows on the cute innocent children. How they'll dance and make funny actions. The N1 children are really hilarious, they make some noise to some actions. And what can the teachers do? They're only innocent children.
Well, I better find a time next week to find a school for her. There's this Speech & Drama class just opposite out home. But I'm also looking at Brightspan's Speech & Drama.
The only setback is probably the distance I have to travel - Heartland Mall. And not forgetting I need to enrol her in Yamaha for her music lesson. Don't wish to be one mad mama running from place to place. Sigh.............decisions decisions.

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