Friday, November 11, 2005

Always spoil my plans

My girl always spoil my plans. This week alone she has made me spent more than usual (on parking!!) On Monday, wanted to bring her to school early so that I can go gym from there by taking a train. No, she couldn't wake up because she refused to sleep early the night before. I have no choice but to bring her out as I need to order her birthday cake. Then she saw Sakae Sushi, which she'll say " Ikimase - it should be irrasaimase, and wanted to eat her "chawanmushi". We spent longer there... the clock ticking. Paid more for parking fees. Tuesday : I could have taken a train from Tampines to be in time for my Pilates class as I needed to stay in town longer. Again she dilly dally. So I had no choice but to drive down and spent $10+ on parking fees. Tomorrow: She refused to come back home with me. I would have taken a train down to meet my friend. Now, I'll have to drive down otherwise it'll be difficult for me to go back home to pick up car (time consuming). Going into CBD tomorrow, I dunno how much it's going to cost me. For sure, I must remind myself to top up my Cashcard before I exit. After CBD need to collect IC at ICA. Argh! $$ again!

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