Thursday, November 24, 2005

No video / Her birthday cake

I'm so sad.... I wanted to film my daughter dancing early this morning. But Mrs Wong told me nicely that some parents do not want videography in the school as afraid of some people trying to put a bomb in the school. They have a point but sad lor.... Sob..sob..
I hope they'll help me film her dancing later, as what they did last year. I hope she will enjoy the cake. Bengawan Solo just did the delivery. It's really nice of them to help me customize the cake to my design. I had wanted an Elmo cake but can't find it anywhere... they did a really good job. (will post the photos later on)
I'll make a quick entry to this, and then have to start packing the chocolaty stuffs into the childrens' favor bags. I hope they'll be happy and the chocolates don't melt.
Updated at 1518hrs, I think they are singing the birthday song for her now. Meanwhile the hungry mummy will upload the photo into this entry. Hip Hip Hooray to Bengawan Solo, they've never disppointed me so far with all the birthday cakes I've ordered.
Tip: The usual Disney cakes they have costs $35 per kg for a choice of Chocolate, Coffee, Pandan or Vanilla Sponge with Vanilla Butter Cream or Fresh Cream. Add another $3 per kg for a choice of Black Forest or Blueberry fillings with Chocolate Sponge and Fresh Cream or Choice of fresh Strawberries or Mangoes with Vanilla Sponge and Fresh Cream.
If you want to do customisation, like I did. Bring down the photo to them, they will bring it to their HQ and call you back a few days later to tell you if they are able to do it. For my girl's cake, they are able to draw the Elmo for us, however charges will be $38 per kg for a basic cake, and $41 per kg to add fillings.

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