Friday, November 25, 2005

Din come home for 2 nights. She better come home tonight!

For two nights our girl didn't want to come back home. Damn mama drama, yesterday night she kept saying "I dowan to go back Pang-gol." Then as usual I was chatting with my SIL and mother while SIL was having her dinner. That girl actually turned and looked at me "mummy, you don't sit here. You go back home! Go away...."
Wow! Very heart pain man....
First she was so excited when I picked her up in school and she told me "mummy, you see Ms Leaw gave this to me." Showing off the favors I prepared. Heart pain leh..... Athena when you're older please read back on mummy's blogs. Then second was when she chased me out of Tampines. Sob..sob....
Bringing her go gai-gai today. Let her go on half-day today instead of skipping school entirely.

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