Friday, November 25, 2005

Ai yoh..................

First I'm worried about her since we got back last month. Her arms has this soft flabbiness that can kill a mosquito. I'm trying hard to "bu"her back to the meaty meaty girl. Then now she surprised me by her constant hunger.
Mom said the night before she ate so much that she purged out a little. And today, she had her lunch in school before I brought her out. She said she's hungry when I needed to have me lunch barely 30minutes later n had half a bowl of kuay teow. Mom bought toasted bread for herself, girl ate half of it. I stopped for ice-cream at 3+ pm, she had little muffin and some cookies. Dinner, she finished one plate of noodle. And actually lifted up her plastic bowl. It didn't stop there hor...... she ate a few spoonfuls of rice. And after we sang her her birthday song, we decided that she can go home and eat the slice of cake we got for her.
At home I thought she must be full. She tiptoed and picked up her po-luo bread from the dining table and finished everything. She asked for some more milk after that.
Hubby looked at me and asked "what medicine did you give her??" I swear I didn't even do anything all I did was to 'gnao gnao chang' to my mother that she's slimmed down infront of her Goddess of Mercy's altar during our usual conversations .
PS:By the way you'll be surprised if I tell you that she was a small baby at birth weighing only 2.615kg. She put on weight tremendously after that.

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