Monday, November 7, 2005

Never play on escalators

I was at Suntec on Saturday when I witnessed this incident. I was travelling on the downriding escalator from the 2nd to 1st floor, and incident happened on the upriding escalator to my left. This boy about 10 yrs old was running up the escalator and then he ran down. He only managed to run a few steps before he tumbled down for at least 10 steps ( he did 4 somersaults). Mom was screaming " ai yoh, stop that boy. Stop that boy," as she noticed a lady with two other kids standing below. We only realised that they were family after that. What really disgusts me is the fact that the lady - could be the mother or guardian had failed to move a step to help the boy and was having her conversation with her companion.
Call me cruel.. I actually made a loud remark. " Oh for goodness sake never play on escalators. Good! Teach you a lesson."
Why are parents so ignorant today? I thought with the better education they received, they should be smarter than our parents. Well, I can put the incident on a partial blame on both child and adult. The child being 10 yrs-old should have known better than to perform a Hollywood stunt for us. The adult should have stopped and educate a child on the dangerous spots whenever they are out.
They should have a National Escalator Awareness Week in Singapore. But then again.. the government can't be running campaigns for 1001 things in Singapore on nitty gritty stuffs. All these are common sense!!

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