Monday, November 14, 2005

My daughter reminded me

My daughter couldn't reach her water bottle from her bed last night, asked me "mummy, mummy I want water." When I gave it to her she quipped with a sense of pride and said "I want to drink alot of water water. I dowan to drink water in the pool." - talking about innocence.
Hey!I realised that she is beginning to map memory into her brain now. She remembers what she did and could tell me the incidents. Everytime she sees the Statue Of Liberty on the TV or when we pass by any travel agencies or posters, if she sees one. She'll excitedly point it out to you " Athena see this one. Li-ger-ty." She'll bring up her right hand like holding the torch.
Ps: I think she's a show-off esp. infront of grandma & grandpa

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