Monday, November 28, 2005

Stupid woman, can't she understand ??

Ai yoh, just saw this dumb woman at Mobil earlier on. The pump assistant told her that no handphone is allowed and pointed to the sign to her, and further told her that she can continue her conversation in the mart. The stupid mama ( I think she's a singh - sorry no offence) just looked at her;nod her head in acknowledgement and pull the phone away and said something to her;put the phone back to her ear. Assistant told her again and then she repeated the same actions. All these happened in a span of 1 minute while I was waiting for her to help me. And mind you the assistant was very friendly about it. I gave that mama one kind of look and smiled at the assistant. "Stupid woman, don't understand English huh? She speaks good English and don't understand you?" Then I added to her " I better run away first, away from her car." Then the assistant told me "shouldn't I run away too?" "Oh yes! Run for your life."
Mama still continued on the phone and I turned and made one loud remark "No handphone allowed! No handphone allowed!" like one gila woman.
Anyway, better to play safe.

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