Saturday, June 2, 2018

On this day - 2nd June #reminders from FB#

2nd June 2011 - (Thursday) @ 8pm
 I wrote : " come so many school HW? ARGH!!!!"

* Che-che would have been P3 then. The workload came in and nothing has changed over the years except that the questions are getting tougher and tougher each year*

2nd June 2013 - (Thursday) @ 10.03pm
I wrote : "Lil' one's travel journal for today. Huh? So short?!"

I wrote : " Read her previous journal entry. Her sequence is all jumbled up. 我读了都头痛。"

* she still writes this way. Reading her school compo is akin to reading a movie trailer, sequence going back and forth. * 

2nd June 2014 - (Monday) @ 12.16pm
I wrote : "Can't believe it! M now waiting here to pick Aricia up. Queuing to drive in. ??? School holiday also like the usual. ?!??

* And comments by Angeline followed* 
Angeline Lee Yan Chin : Supplementary class?
Lily Ann Teo : Angeline, it was practically like the whole school was here
Angeline Lee Yan Chin : Wow,that's very on!
Lily Ann Teo Different stuffs for different levels.

2nd June 2014 - (Monday) @ 2.31pm
I wrote : "#10 - Teacher laughed at the patterns she drew inside. She remarked "Wow! Can see she's vy academic kind, she drew 、“ ” + - 。x divide !" 
That's y it took me so long to convince her to try Art class, rather I kinda dragged her there n she has no choice. She's always looking forward to her class now. 
Hmmm....On closer look, I saw one equation sum. Hahaha!"

2nd June 2017 - (Friday) @ 12.20pm
I wrote : " Travel photo albums : THEN and NOW. 
We used to pay that cheap for Morro Bay?!
Yah, last time I really plan down to details itinerary. Then when I organize albums, I'd retype and put words below photos. Somehow over the years I got lazier, and just cut out from my itinery planning stack (which is binded up before every trip)
Also, there wasn't any GPS then. I had to plan driving routes. When hub was driving, I had to navigate; collect toll tickets and prepare monies when due for collection. Navigator need to have map and calculator and ruler. Coz sometimes get questioned, how long more? Lucky thing my maths still can make it lor!

*I remember this as if it just happened yesterday. Time flies by too quickly. Last year, I told her she'll have this last June to really enjoy herself coz next year she'd be mugging her books in preparation for Prelims and PSLE. The girls wanted to see where we went to before and they were looking forward to the Dec holidays. Holiday is long over, we've been grinding our brains for the past 6 months."   

I did warn her about the bears in Yosemite. She didn't believe
 I can't believe I actually put this in!! Now she believes me, we try to imagine her running with food in her hand (the always hungry girl) with the bear chasing after her..

Still the same way of putting my pictures. Will take up on the average 2 albums coz must stick pamphlets and ticket stubs etc... Just then now, it's all not bulky.

2 June 2017 - (Friday) @ 12.29pm
I wrote : " Now Aricia Ting is flipping thru the album and said not fair che-che gets to 'narrate her travels'."

So silly of me..

 The youngest tour guide

Then I realized she has no licence, and was finding excuse to dump her somewhere.

2nd June - (Friday) @ 9.49pm
I wrote : " The girls are travelling around the world on their own

* This would be the 2nd year in running that we did not travel during the June holidays. We dropped by ToysRUs earlier on while waiting for lil' one to finish her tuition.

 The poorest traveller

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