Friday, January 11, 2008


Went to Chong Trading in Adelphi to check out that place, since I was in Peninsula Plaza (brought KZ to send $ back home) today.

Wow! That place has far more baking supplies and I was tempted to buy everything.

Not convinced and unsure if I can put in aluminium pan in my oven, I asked them. One was not sure, but one was confident to tell me
"yes! you can put it in a Dimension 4 oven coz' I'm using one. National brand?"
Me : Yes, yes, NNC-2000P!!Yours too?"
She: I only know it's National
(funny I remember the model so well.... coz' I go around asking mah!)
That was the most welcoming words from her, and immediately I bought this

I'm a happy cow!

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