Sunday, January 13, 2008

Elizabeth's 5th Birthday Party

Elizabeth celebrated her 5th birthday today in their new home. I was told before it will be a Princess Belle theme - Athena's favourite Princess.

Party starts at 3pm, but my dear girl couldn't get up when I tried to wake her up. In the end, we reached there at 4pm. The children were in the 'not turned-on' jacuzzi. But call it unlucky, the moment she went in, it started to drizzle a little. They did stay inside awhile before coming out of the pool. Nevertheless, she was happy splashing the water about. They dried; changed and were sitting on the sofa watching Snow White.

Guests slowly streamed in, BBQ was done upstairs. But the weather was not on our side, it rained after some time and so everyone came downstairs.

The children had their eyes glued to the TV; the adults talked. It was a simple party but one where everywhere can chat and felt the warmth and cosi-ness of this party.

Then........ it was cake cutting time! The cake is beautiful, I've heard about Ecreative cakes. And whether I'm on diet or not (heck with the diet at the moment!), I'll have to try one small bite. It is not that sweet, certainly a nod from me.

It was a little late, so we made our way back home. By then, the rain has already stopped! Sigh....
The Birthday Girl
More photos in Athena's blogs

On our way home, Athena said she wants a birthday party this year. Oh no! Not again! Actually, I guess this should be her last birthday party? I mean, you don't expect me to throw her a party every year till she's in secondary school right? So... do it or not?

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