Sunday, January 6, 2008

Feeding problem

Gasp! I spoke too soon about my girl being adorable and how much I her. Now I'm feeling so frustrated over her.
For the past 2 days I've noticed it's even more difficult feeding that girl.

Mom commented to me before that "I give Aricia cold food.." huh? And then she preached about "how she'd take care and feed the child chubby fat fat if under her care. But she can't cope with 2 blah blah...." So I explained that usually it takes her awhile to finish her food.
And for 2 nights over the weekend, she stayed with us she sees for herself how difficult it is. Infact, I told it's already harder. Don't know why.....maybe Aricia knows that I'm trying to make her grow fatter so she's rebelling by covering her mouth. We gotta cajole her with sweets; biscuits but certainly that's not a good solution in the long run.

I'm really frustrated!! Why? Why? Why is it that I must be given 2 challenging kids to handle? I can't even bring her out!! What? Bring her out and have her stretching her lunchtime so long... then I don't even have time to go shopping. Or worst still! Make me lose my patience and I get so grouchy and no mood for anything but to snap at everything / everyone.

At the rate my children is taunting me, I won't be surprised if I will have depression.

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