Monday, January 7, 2008


Athena's class
Just realised today, when I picked her up from school that her chinese lesson starts at 4.30pm daily and end at 5.30pm daily. Mrs Lin changes her lesson daily so it can be difficult for her to repeat the previous day's lesson for her.
So, now I must try to see if picking her up at 5.35pm is okay. The problem lies with her eating very slowly, which is why I need a longer time to get her ready.
I have 2 choices I guess :
1) pack her dinner and let her eat in the car on way back home. Then once get back home, she bathes. Which is highly unlikely, coz' she'll probably still be eating. Then I quickly have my dinner also!
2) let her have dinner and bathe in mom's place. I bring her straight to class, then I go for my late dinner - which is no good for me considering diet plans.

Normally Wednesdays, I pick her up early also. So that she can eat, bathe and do her assessment books before her music lessons. I guess this time round, we have to rush.

Thank goodness, no more violin lesson - otherwise I'll be very kan-cheong speeding from Tampines to Marine Parade.

Everyone asked me "are you going to put Aricia in Athena's childcare at 18 months" "is she going to full day childcare next time." My answers were in a non-supportive way. I had no choice but to put Athena in early, which made me miss her alot. No doubt, putting her in early has also the cons, she learns to be independent faster. But I thought, I'll put Aricia in those preschool is fine while the sister is in Primary. As long as one is out, it should be fine. But this thought proves me wrong, I had better get the 2 of them outta the house!! They're driving me crazy.

But I've been trying so hard to feed her; she's exhausting me out. She never stops moving, to make matters worst - now that she's mobile, she loves to walk and ..... I wonder why is it that I'm still not slim after the extensive "taking care of her". But instead I've been having this headache since Sunday. (couldn't take it this afternoon and yesterday, just plonked myself into bed in the afternoon)

I think more likely I will consider putting her in full day childcare. Either the day I decide to get myself a job and get out of the house or... when the time comes and then I'll look for part-time job to keep myself occupied. I think staying at home too long is not doing me any good. I suspect I might be going through depression soon.. and you know what? Master Tan did say that!

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