Monday, January 7, 2008

The Berry way

Berries is so far berry the good to me.

Brought Athena for her first lesson as it is stated outside the school - 开学 的 第一 天 - everyone spoke in crisp mandarin, I cannot lose face also must speak mandarin - otherwise kena suan for trying to act angmoh-ish. I never knew I can speak that well... my mom must be proud of me. Haha!

The lesson was from 7.15pm to 9.00pm. Very long it seems but I was occupied doing something so my time was not wasted. The whole time I was there, I kept hearing teachers competing with one another on their lungs power. I thought I was in China! There were 4 classes running at that time.
During the start of their lesson, I was peering into the small glass panel (I know.... I will be doing that next year when she goes P1 - then get shoo-ed away by the teachers.)seeing what she was doing. Half the time, she was listening but eyes not looking at teacher and playing with her cardigan. Ai yoh!! Cannot sit still!!!
On and off, I peeped to see - same behaviour.

They learnt 应有尽有. Oh my! I think I only learnt it in Primary school???

I asked teacher about her end of the lesson, she said she is listening but was figeting. But it's okay, she is rather independent. Didn't need any guidance and she knew what she had to do. Anyway, she better know! Since she's been in Childcare for so long.

So far so good.. she likes the class and the teacher, which is of course comforting.

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