Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I've noticed that Aricia has shown great interest in grabbing a pen/pencil and scribble now. So when she was required to do the Shichida homework, she was happily grabbing hold of the markeer - but of course trying to scribble and I had to control her hand.

She's getting more responsive. As if our DVD volume is not loud enough, sometimes she'll continue babbling when the DVD is being played. She yabbas along to songs, moving her hands exctedly. Really nice to see her doing that and I'll be so relaxed.....enjoying motherhood.

But wait! That is only when she's at home. I brought her out today alone and....>>>> I swear THIS IS GOING TO BE THE LAST TIME I'M BRINGING HER OUT ALONE!!!! Can die! I'm so tired out.

She's equally naughty when it comes to feeding time, KZ says no problem feeding her but when Aricia sees me at home, she'll try her luck by screaming to get my attention. So now, I've acted a little smart by not bao ga liao everything, leave the feeding to KZ and I can relax. So what will happen when KZ goes back to Myanmar? Bring Aricia along lor... so simple!

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