Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's eruption day!

It's eruption of the biggest kind in my home.

It's eruption where I don't get myself aggitated.

It's eruption day where it's the most sinful of it's kind - and it's only Day 9 of the new year and i broke my resolution!!! Shucks!

I tried a chocolate lava cake, where I got the simplest recipe from the website.
Put in my sinful
always in my cabinet Hershey's chocolate chips. The recipe calls for little chocolate, well little in my eyes and was tempted to pour the rests of the pack in.

It was a success! I was more prepared for a failure result coz' I'm using my microwave in the manual settings and not the preset "cake" setting, so I run the risk of destroying everything.
But... whether it's nice or destroyed, my greatest fan, Athena would wolf it down giving me the thumbs up. But.... maybe the microwave does play a part. I put in for 200 degrees for 10 minutes and it didn't bake properly. I extended time again for another 5 minutes, it was okay. I put the ramekin on the plate and turn it over, *plop* lava flowed out. Poured it back into the ramekin and re-bake again for another 10 minutes. In total 25 minutes?!
Oh well... now I know!

It didn't look as nice as what the picture in the website showed. I tried to put the icing sugar on top to make it look nice..but I forgot and threw our one and only sifter it in the sink and it's all wet, so I ended up sprinkling in an any-o-how manner and placing it in our ugly plate.

Most importantly, the chocolate oozed out as it is supposed to be. Yay!

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