Saturday, January 5, 2008

My week

Athena started her first day in school as the da(4) jie(3) - since she's in the graduating class K2 - on Wednesday.
When I brought her home from school, I asked if her teacher remains the same. She said no, there's a change in both her teachers. I was rather sad... maybe I was getting so attached to them. And even more sad that 邱老师 is not even teaching her. I mean.... it's her last year in LCCC, this is the only last chance!!! Anyway, she did comment she still prefers Ms Clanna and 邱老师. I don't know, maybe they'll need some getting-used-to-it. And I need it too! What can I do? But I thought they'd continue with the class since they know where they've left off the year before; each child's strengths / weaknesses. Rather than taking some time for a new teacher to understand the children.. and then much time is wasted.
Maybe I should pray for a miracle.

Ari had fever on Wednesday night (was told after I got back home), I suspected it must be due to the MMR she took on Boxing Day. They did say "fever in 5-7 days time", I thought this time round she'll be spared since Wednesday was the 7th day. Nah! Still must leave her a souvenir of some sort.
*panic panic* I was hawking on her, can't do much of my own things after that. Let her sleep in with us, so tired.... was editing my blog while she slept + saving images in laptop for flashcards. I can only post the blog out today - Saturday night since I was so tired and can't achieve much.

Thursday - fever come and go. The highest it went was 38.6. Took no chances and did a suppository for her. Goash! Though I am a mother of 2, I've never done a suppository before and I must admit I was more terrified in pushing that suppository into her small rectum than me going under the knife. Poor girl was screaming! I tell you.... my poor girl usually refuses certain medications but she seems to know Panadol and Nurofen is good for her, opens her mouth for me readily. Sigh.... I don't wish to give her anymore of these two medicines, I hope she is well.
Afternoon, she seems to poo alot of time. And I don't know if she's having the early signs of GE. Which might also explain the fever.

Friday - Goash! I buay tahan that girl today. She was so restless in class today, never paying attention in the second half of the class. Once, I was so frustrated with her (maybe coz' she was more excited in walking than anything else) that I told her "fine! you can stay here if you want to.." and walked back to my seat - I was really tired having to stand up /sit down / carry her so many times. She looked at me; walked back to me and called me "mummy" - SHE NEVER CALLS ME MUMMY BEFORE!!!! Normally it's ma(1)ma(1) - in mandarin. And then she did the most unthinkable thing, she kissed my fat thigh with a smuack. Err.... think she was trying to get into my good books again.
They've added new things for the 2 year old class. We were encouraged to buy the LM Story Set, which apparently I've printed everything out long time ago. So I am ready to use that set for her home sessions. (currently I'm still using the 1 year old cards)

I was told Athena's Chinese Speech & Drama starts today. And so... I waited for 6pm, so that I can pick her up. Then I was told her S&D starts at 3.30pm so I can pick her up at 5pm on Fridays now. Yay! That leaves me a free time to slot her in for a swimming class.
I'll have to take a day to find for swimming instructor for her.

Brought them to the sinseh for their follow-up. Sinseh confirmed that fever is due to MMR and not due to GE.
Apparently, now I'm doing a follow-up on her weight thing, which sinseh say she is giving her something to trigger her hormones to work. And that it'll take a long time to adjust her body. I don't mind (though must admit it's really tiring) as long as my girl can grow more horizontally and vertically.

Saturday - Yay! I finally finished the flashcards which I got it printing on a sleepy Thursday afternoon and now I've completed the whole thing on Fractions & Time. Mom say I'm crazy to print so many / too engrossed in this. I have stacks of it for standby purposes. I'm currently 3/4 done into completing one song.
Updated her monthly calendar in Athena's room. Needed to write down the spelling and ting-xie words in it.
Wanted to sort out both her English & Mandarin Thematic dictionary, I intend to let her read one topic every week. Dunno if too ambitious but well... I can try.


The Chengs said...

You are sure 1 busy mom!

Lily Ann said...

I'm one kiasu mom!