Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Workout Day!

Met Moo Han for workout today at Novena. She joined me for Christina's BodyCombat class.

She did well considering it's her first time in the class, I thought she couldn't take it but she proved me otherwise. Kept turning around to ask her if she's okay. "okay, okay"

(actually.... I turned around so that she took notice of me, and should I faint she will help me - not me helping her should she faint. Haha!)

We had extensive workout thereafter - our mouth! We were talking and talking... suppose to go back home to give Aricia her session but ended up so caught up with conversation that I decided to forgo the session until I get home in the night.

It was a nice way to have a healthy lifestyle with a friend. Looking forward to every Wednesdays.

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