Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why Aricia hardly goes out

Many a times I pity Aricia when she cries her lungs out; eyes swollen from crying; throwing tantrum at home by lying down on the floor and kicking her legs when I leave the house without her.
One reason is also because I am even more busy with two kids, so Aricia has lesser chance of being out with me jalan-jalan-ing. But everyone needs a break, including myself so when I brought her out by myself - she drives me crazy; she makes me want to tear my own hair; she makes me think twice in bringing her out alone. I can ask my helper to follow me, but sometimes we need space on our own right?

When I was out with Aricia alone, feeding her was a problem coz' she keeps taunting me and move around too much; cover her mouth; turn her head/body etc.... if helper is with me I leave it to her to do it so I can have my meal in peace and take over once Aricia finishes her meal and helper will eat; I take care of Aricia. So, can you imagine how I look gobbling down my food when I'm with Aricia alone?? If she's seated down quietly, still manageable. If she tries to get out of highchair... problem!
Okay, if the feeding didn't seem like it's no problem, wait till I tell you - she deliberately waste her time so I end up giving her small portions every hour or so. So what's the use of bringing her go gai-gai when I practically gotta stop every hour??
Feeding - problem. In the mall also problem. She wants to walk; refuses to sleep even though it's way past her naptime. When she walks, she looks at the ground and I have to keep running after her. Scenerio: she walks into a shop, I carry her out she follows me awhile then she turns back and go back to the shop. It happens a couple of times, then she repeats the same in another shop. Let's just say if I'm out with her for half an hour walking in the mall - 22 minutes is spend chasing after her, another 8 minutes for me to walk awhile, stop to look at her.

Now you know why I hardly bring her out, although I'd love to.

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