Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Reunion

I was so looking forward to this reunion, this informal reunion, organised by Charissa.

I had expected a bigger group coz' it seems like alot of people ticked "yes" in the attendance, but it turned out small. But I'm glad I went to coz' two of my other classmates were there. Of course, there were the familiar faces we knew we saw each other in school but didn't talk. I think amongst the lot there, I was not known at all coz' they did ask me if I was from KC- it's like as if I stumbled into the wrong party. But it's okay, coz' students in KC came from IJ(Katong) and IJ (Opera Estate) primary. Most of them were from IJ(Katong), so although students in the same class in Sec 1, they would have known each other in the first 6 years of their primary school years. But.. I was the one who was from IJ (Opera Estate) which explained my "sudden cameo appearance".
I went with Ai Leng, or Angline as she is known now and they recognized her coz' she was from IJ (Katong). But it's okay, I didn't go there to be getting the spotlight, I was there to be reunited with my class and schoolgirls whom we didn't see for 15 years??

The girls all looked so different, slim and gorgeous babes. We mingled and talked about what we are doing now. Amongst the lot, I have the most boring job which has no career prospects and no future for advancements or promotions. I didn't achieve much in career as compared to some who are ST Correspondents and doing well in their areas. Being the diplomatic KCians, they went "oh no! it's the most difficult job. Nobody can do this job."

I guess although I didn't do well (anyway I'm not there to compare myself with them) in terms of career. I'm glad that in my short working life thus far I've accomplished both my ambitions - childhood ambition of being a stewardess and my ambition in secondary school of being in Public Relations - Corp Communications is the closest I went.

Rosy, who's currently still flying, told me that they welcome flying mothers back anytime. And I should go back. Ann Gel encouraged me to do freelancing comms jobs. Umm, makes me feel good that I'm still wanted. Okay, okay but like I said KCians are the most diplomatic lots of people.

I had a good time at this reunion, and I think there should be more to come. Perhaps should organise one for our own classgirls.

We left the party at close to 11pm, Athena had been calling me screaming "I want mummy! I want mummy come home now!" - she always does that when I'm out alone.
A pity though, I should have requested someone to play the baby grand and sing our school song before we left.
Ai Leng - Aricia's godma2
yabba dabbasFront row : Endora, Ai Leng, Michelle, Jeanette, Su Yin
Standing : May Lin, Charissa, Jerry, Rosy, me, Julie, Ann Gel, Jaime, Angeline

(actually most girls are from Sec 4/7 I noticed)

** Cheryl,Karen and Selina are not in the picture.

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