Friday, January 18, 2008

Week in a glance *re-post*

Been too tired to write. Infact, been taking days to do an entry. I'm really tired out, by 11+ my eyes gets droopy but I perservered on till 1am and buay tahan - mind auto shutdown. Dunno why.... signs of aging? Overworked?

Tried another way, instead of bringing her home for her dinner & then class. Now, she has dinner in mom's place; shower and leave for her class direct. I don't have to rush like one big businesswoman like that and I think this is a better arrangement.
We were in school on the dot though. And the teachers actually made them read to them last week's lesson individually before the class starts. Oh my! I didn't even let her read to me at home.

Lesson started and I went to do my own things while waiting for her. Today, she learnt 四 脚 朝 天. Was looking through the books outside the classroom. Can you imagine the chengyu they teach in their K1 class? Quite alot and I don't even know some of them.
She likes the lesson, she likes 郭老师. So it wasn't a bad choice in putting her in this Chinese class. Was told she finally opened up to her friends, talked to one girl in class. She managed to talk to the teacher, still needs prompting but better than last week. I'm sure in the next few weeks to come, the teacher will be asking her to keep quiet. Ha!

Gym in the morning. Next time I better don't stand in the middle of Suhaimi's class. He laughs at me for not being able to do the jumpkick. Dunno what's wrong with my unco-ordinated legs.

It's good to see that Aricia has finally sleep in a little more, sometimes an hour. So, this week I'm rather relaxed (I think) but it means that I don't have much time to do her session with her when I get back from gym at 12+ to 1pm. Have to wait until a little later.

Night was a mess! I managed to sort our all the Phonics to teach Athena. I combined both the Letterland and Sunshine Phonics set to teach her, and she likes it. Printed some more work, put it in the file. Today, I quickly revised CH, SH and TH with her. This Saturday, will do BL with her. Good thing, I re-organized her table. I still need to find a space to put her Thematic dictionary. She's expected to read at least one page per week. I've just finished sorting out her Chinese Thematic book according to weeks and pasted the dates for her to see. But... abit difficult, that one she needs me to do it with her.

Guess despite the mess and "quickly finish your work", I was able to fit in music revision for her. Anyway, that goon goon girl just injured her palm. Have you seen a girl holding a newly sharpened pencil in one hand;gleefully clapping hand and forgot she has pencil in the other and... OUCH! She cried and wailed out. *slap own head* so goon goon!!

Spelling test in school tomorrow. I forgot until I saw the monthly calendar I stuck on her study table corkboard. Revision, revision, revision.

I can't be bothered making her sleep. She's been asking me to "tap tap me", I just asked her to sleep on our bed and I'm next to her on my lappie. Really crazy! I have not much time to do the children's things. As it is, I'm already over exhausted with both children.

I don't care if hubby is fast asleep and disturbed by the printing sound. I printed and completed two songs - finally! I'm going to finish another 3 songs and then I'll call it quits until after CNY. My flashcards should be able to last me through 9 months??

Sent car for servicing. I forgot that the servicing was due on 26th December.

Brought that naughty girl along as Wilma (her Godma) wanted to see her. We had lunch and tea together - where I had the most sinful cake from Canele.

We parted ways, and I continued spending my time in Raffles City. Argh! Now they came in with the Hello Kitty party supplies in Party City - made me buy online and waste so much money when I was preparing for Athena's school birthday party.
I saw this Crayola thing, so cute...Nope! Didn'tg buy.

I only brought Aricia out for 4-5 hours and I'm all shagged out!
Why? Read on at next entry.
Dunno what's wrong with Peggy?? I know it may be irritating to have Athena not paying attention sometimes but now I feel that Peggy is picking on Athena. When she taught them something new (clapping), inevitably anyone will make mistake, she kept looking at Athena. And frowned at her and mentioned something about "I think next time I will bring a watergun and shoot at the person who makes mistake. Put in Ribena (in my mind... all the more she'll make mistakes coz' I hardly give her Ribena at home). Also, when Athena just sang in advance the next line during solfege-singing also get scolding. As it is, it took me some time to make her behave well in class and now with her picking on Athena for every single thing, it's going to put Athena off - and she might end up not wanting to go to music lesson. If this goes on, I'm going to speak to her. It's torturous for a mother to see this thing happening to her child right infront of her eyes!

Athena stayed over at mom's place, so I slept in a little later- still not enough sleep.
Went gym, went to collect something from a mother near Poh Huat Road. And then I decided to drop by All Saints Chapel at last minute to grandma's and Karen's niche.

I feel so sad when I was at Karen's niche. Coz' I didn't even say goodbye to her. My shifu in then Tat Lee Bank, my mother who gave me advice all the years. Sadly, she didn't even get to see Aricia. I saw the card that Cindi (her older girl) gave her. (Cindi should be 24 now, Alvin's 21) It is really heart-wrenching when I saw what Cindi wrote "I miss you mummy". Such simple words but it evoked such great emotions in me, I couldn't help but teared.

Back home, I had some free time since that girl napped longer now. So was surfing to check on my primary school. Brings back memories of the pigtailed me in geeky big spectacles wearing that blue pinafore. Mrs Kang, Mrs Juanita Wee, Ms Rabot are still teaching - imagine my teacher teaching my children??? And I thought I saw Mrs Amy Neo my primary classmate?? My classmate - her teacher?? Funny isn't it?
I feel so patriotic and feel like standing up for the school song "We look to thee..." I don't know if there were any slight amendments made to the school song. Somehow I look forward to her being back in my 母校 and see a younger version of me playing in school.

The school badge, the same in all IJ schools - says Simple In Virtue, Steadfast in Duty.

Hubby still thinks I'm crazy sending her to my school in Marine Parade. I'm going to spend my time chaffeuring her to/fro school x2 per day x5 days a week. Waste time, petrol "go to nearby school, go to Mee Toh." He thinks it's easy. Everyone knows that Mee Toh is the best school in Punggol, so everyone in Punggol and Sengkang is fighting for a space in the school. And I don't want my girl to be in a mix school.
Although IJ Katong is not exactly a superbly good school as compared to St Nics, but at least she gets to go into an IJ school. There are parents who volunteered to get into the school and here I am giving up the chance? Then, I'll have to make sure that she gets good grades to go to a better secondary school.
What can I say? An IJ girl always an IJ girl. Somehow when I talk to people, they will ask me if I'm an IJ girl. Guess there's that special thing in IJ girls that stands out from the rests? Somehow it made me feel good coz' all the while I thought I was an ah-soh.

Athena was so tired since yesterday evening. This morning woke up with a fever, didn't let her go to school. She rested at home while I brought Aricia out for her lesson. I got KZ to feed her porridge during the 10am breaktime instead of cereal. So I only need to feed her milk outside. Better leh! She eats alot more than if I attempted to feed her; not cranky; I didn't flare up. So.... I wish every Fridays is this arrangement. But no.... I can't coz' I leave from mom's place for Aricia's class.

She did quite alright in class today, but she do get irritable if it's too long.When it came to the LM, the story line involves a ear and tongue. And that girl was so funny touched her ear and stick out her tongue. Very responsive when it comes to music and the Fingerplay song, she was mimicking the words' sounds.

Brought her to Raffles City after her lesson. I need my lunch and craving for the cakes in Canele. Bought 3! Forget about dieting!! I'm having withdrawal symptoms. Sinful! Sinful! Sinful!
For my family : green tea, tiramisu and caraibe (the richest amongst the lot) Had my lunch and Aricia was happily eating her fries. She seems to enjoy the fries alot. I don't mind as long as it'll keep her seated down & quiet.
Walked around a little and then popped in into Cold Storage. And that girl goes on screaming loudly "air per......", points to apple; reaching and tiptoe-ing to take an apple; puts in back; walk to me; turns back; picks up apple; screams "air per..." over and over again.
She skips the rests of the fruits coz' dunno why no matter how much I tell her , she can't remember.. but then she'll scream again "nana nana" - for banana. It's tiring! She refuses to walk further, keeps going back to the same spot and screams at the 2 fruits. 15 minutes passed and I'm still at the entrance?!?!
Bought her some bananas which she wanted to carry it herself. It didn't look that ripe but when I ate it.. it has those black spots. Yup! She threw it on the floor a couple of times.
She attracted alot of attention again, this time round alot of people asked about her age. They thought she was less than a year old and finds it cute to have someone so small size like her walking around. Today she was more interested in walking and walked away when people squat down to her level to talk to her. Proud and rude girl!!

Holding tightly to her nana

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