Saturday, January 12, 2008

Aricia - She's my girl..

I am so amazed by the things that Aricia can do. She's only a baby in my eyes, but on the other hand she's growing up and all babies at her age are doing the same things. Still, I can't help but get so excited and write about what she's been doing.
Anyway, this blog serves as a diary for her to read on when she's older. Perhaps when I'm old and senile, she/they can continue to write my own blog - err.. that's is if it's still around.

* Aricia can tell me "tah" as in touch. When I'm holding something, she'll action to me and tell me she wants to touch it.

* Aricia seems to be more polite than her sister. I've been reiterating to both children that they must address their elders when they see them. Apparently Athena needs alot of nudging still from me. Aricia, the boisterous one seems to have sweet mouth, keeps calling.
That day, I was up at my mom's place and Aricia was shouting "mama...." to open the door. I whispered to her "call again," she shouted. "call again," she shouted. Haha!

* Now, I'm training her to get her shoes from her cabinet before we go out. She can't open the door coz' it seems heavy for her to pull the door towards her. But when I ask her to take her shoes, she takes it from the shelf and throws it on the floor. Then sitting down and struggling in her funny way (shown in video before) trying to put on her shoes. Which obviously failed!

* KZ was putting her to sleep when Aricia, being mischievous and trying to taunt her; pulled her hair. KZ threaten to "I tell mummy". Aricia hit her head until KZ tell her "okay, okay I don't tell mummy.." Then Aricia sits there and give her a smile/laugh. The cycle goes on again for the second time.

* This is what happened in her last Shichida class, she heard that I was to bring her go gai-gai if she was a good girl. She immediately walked towards the door. Funny! Sensei saw it too and laughed at her

* She likes to have cold things on her face. Eg. when I hold a cold canned drink, she'll put the can on her cheeks. Yah, yah I was the one who introduced her to it - actually was teaching her the word 'cold'. She ended up being so hooked on it that yesterday she went to those freezer compartments in NTUC and put her cheeks there. She did that today again, in 2 different NTUCs.
So next time if any of you, see a small little baby with her hands up and face plastered on the clear glass compartments in NTUC - that's my girl!

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