Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What is this called??

Mom used some of these flowers (which are riped, those shown in this picture are not riped) to boil this red drink - it tastes like Ribena.

I remember when I was younger, mom also used something like this which is dried to boil. But until now, I still have no idea what this plant is called.

KZ said she's seen this alot in Myanmar. And that it grows abundantly. She plucked the leaf and ate it. I tried and it's sour.


The Chengs said...

I should know the name of this. Have since i was a little kid. English is like "Rose-hip", but I'm trying to recall the name i know it by in chinese. Let me bring my brain back in time.

Lily Ann said...

Rosehip? You sure? I tried rosehip tea before, nothing like this sort leh...... Thanks alot Sam!

The Chengs said...

洛神花 Roselle. That's the name.

Lily Ann said...

Ooh! Thanks alot once again for bringing your brain back in time.
Now I've got the name.. I'm checking on the benefits. Mebbe.... drink already can look younger?? Heehee!