Monday, January 21, 2008

Athena - coughing

CNY approaching and ... oh no!

Athena had fever in the morning. She skipped school and was nursing herself at home.

She was alright in the day with a little dry coughing . Only thing she had fever in the morning and I gave her a dose of Nurofen.
Afternoon, we went to Compass Point to buy her CDs (hubby ended buying more for her) In the car, her voice changed to - I quipped "you sound just like Alvin And the Chipmunks" - hubby just bought her the music CD and gave in to her "2 Barbie princess DVDs"
Came back home she was okay and well except for that sexy voice.
I then left the house, heard she was dancing to the Barbie Princess show she was watching in the evening.
When I got back home at 11plus, I touched her and she was very warm. Gosh! I can't believe it - 2 adults at home and they didn't even pay attention to my girl. Shit! And for god knows how long (I wonder) she had this fever.

Cough sounded a little phlegmy. Hubby said Athena's wheezing but we decided to bring her to see the normal GP coz' the PDs are closed today. GP said no wheezing and she was given Vasican and Dhasedyl.
Went back home and fever came back again. Sponged her and she definitely enjoyed the babying moment where the mother will give in to her whims and fancies.
Evening time, cough more phlegmy. Shucks! I have to give up my gyming tomorrow.Hope for a miracle she gets well.

We were both so tired to bring her back to her room, so she slept with us. She was coughing and coughing real bad.
I think it's the Dhasedyl, it's meant for dry cough and I suspect it might make her cough more to get the phlegm out. Perhaps I should try the Phenexpect, which we still have. I thought it worked quite fast on her last time.
No gym today, I hope she gets well by tonight so I can gym tomorrow. And CNY coming, Iggy's 1st birthday so need to nurse her back well.
Hubby suggested to bring her to see the cough and chest specialist, but we decided to wait awhile. Hopefully she gets well and there's no need to go to see his specialist. But perhaps if we do go, I may intend to pop by my dermatologist to see my skin.

* must be thinking why sudden change to bring her to see western instead of continuing the sinseh. We need to get her well asap. Will bring her for follow-up once she betters

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