Friday, January 11, 2008

Bad news!

KZ made a phonecall back home today, after a quick email from her niece (via my email).

She received news that one of her older sister (29 yrs old) has cancer. Her mother has refused to tell her how long more she can survive.
But.....I am lost for words, I have mix feelings. KZ has told her mother about her own difficulties and that she's just sent back money home, she has no more money. Okay, that is secondary coz' we can pay the money first for her income tax - 10% of her monthly pay x number of months here.

Ps. Thank goodness I didn't suggest that she can buy some baking stuffs for her sister next time before she gets back home (when I was in Chong Trading earlier), she'll cry even more coz' that's the sister who owns a bakery in Myanmar.

I gave her a choice to make, if she wanted to go back home. She said she didn't want coz' she wouldn't be happy. But I've highlighted that she might regret for life, for not being there for her last moments, for being accused by her other family members that she is hard-hearted and place $$ above family.
I am also caught in between, hubby said if she wants to go back home (then I suggested one month) but personally I feel that's too much to take for myself to handle. I'll be a 200% ah-soh typically screaming at 2 kids, trying to clean up the house, with messy hair, nagging then let her go back for good. But we have to re-hire one quickly. In the night, I thought.... how about 2 weeks? Surely that's not too much to ask for and I'll be doing her good; she'll have a reassurance too. I mean, too bad.... if she passed on when she's back in Singapore but hey! at least she went back to see her for the last time.
But in such a rush; CNY in less than a month's time.... nothing much is done in the house. And what! my hubby expect me to do the reunion dinner in our place with his parents?? And alone! No help! OMG! How to handle. As it is, 2 whiny kids will drive me up the wall.
Sigh............will update later

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