Thursday, January 10, 2008

The free kisser

Aricia had always been very shy when I ask her for a kiss. I'd have to ask her 6-7 times before she decides to give me a kiss.

Her version of a kiss then... was to open her mouth like a goldfish and put in on your cheeks.
Then if she's happy, she'll give you a wet kiss - she'll stick out her tongue and lick you when you think she's going to kiss you.

In the transition, she changed it to a *muak* sound made by her.

Now, she kiss more when I ask. (But she always refuse to kiss daddy and her sister) Yesterday, she finally kissed daddy. Daddy can go and buy 4D liao! She refuses to kiss my cheeks. Once I thought she'd kiss my cheeks so I turned my face to the side, she used both hands to move my face infront her her and she kissed me. Haha!
Today, she's been planting kisses on me so often. Funny girl!bored blogs

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Luke Tan said...

Aricia pls give me a kiss lol ( mummy says no kissing of strangers)