Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ignatius 1st Birthday Party

It's my little smiley-face and always so lovable nephew's birthday party.

It didn't seem that long ago since we welcome him into this world. And 12 months later he's all grown up to be such a sweet, smiley, obedient boy (um....if only Aricia has half of his traits) although I've been bullying him (heeheehee *evil laughter*)

The Birthday Invitation Card

On our way and in the car

The place all done up. Must give some credit to my Athena, who helped to pump some balloons the day before.
The other side of the wall is converted into a mini art-gallery
The FOOD!!
And........The BIRTHDAY BOY!!
The party has not even started halfway when my girl, the noisy one, was kicked outta the party...She was making alot of noises when KZ ws feeding her lunch. So we spared the guests from her ear-deafening screams by bringing her out to feed her. And I joked "my girl got kicked out of the party.."
So happened I gleefully (bad mummy) went to take a photo of her alone outside and mom and brother's godsister, Julie stood behind me - so I got them to pose for me.

Ignatius (the guai kia) was either crawling on the big floor rug.......

......or being carried from person to person (PASSING THE PARCEL?? - oops!)

Whatever it is, it's still mummy the best
A video montage was also played, I tried recording it but I had people walking to and fro. *sians*
Athena kept herself occupied with origami and colouring.
It was such a hot day that I couldn't take it anymore and ran upstairs to cool myself down. Aricia entertained me by her funny antics.

Then it was cake-cutting time.
Athena pulled a long face coz' she expected duagu to carry her but he carried the noisy girl since she was so small and size looks comparable and nice next to Ignatius. Ai yah! That sensitive girl!!

Here's a photo of the family

The children, ahem.. my Athena, enjoying the cake
Pauline giving out the favor bag to Eliysha
Ai yoh.. I tell you my girl 的妒忌性 (jealousy) is very strong. She saw brother giving out to other kids, came to me and whispered to me "mummy, how come dua-gu never give me any present?" I had to be so thick-skinned to remind brother to give it to her later and to appease her add more things (when 2 days before, I told him not to put so much sweets in her bag..of course he didn't give her lesser sweets lah! He dote on her so much!!)

We stayed awhile longer and made our way home after that. The kids were very tired, we were tired too!
Knocked out!!

Athena's favor bag

Aricia's favor bag

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