Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happy 16th month old!

The 16 month old girl's understanding of the world is growing rapidly. For instance, she no longer thinks crayons are something to eat. She can now grab them and create glorious scribble pictures just for you. She gets simple games, and can while away long moments playing peekaboo or name the body part (where's baby's nose? Where's Mama's chin?).

She's still got a ways to go before she's completely sure on her feet, however. It's easy for her to misjudge the depth of a stair or to trip over her own feet when running toward you for a hug — so give her a big one. (yup, that girl was attempting to walk up the steps herself on Friday. But she ended up doing Step Aerobics.)

* extracted from BabyCentre*

She's growing day by day; month by month. And now, as the candle is lighted, my wish for her is to be as bright as the flame that keeps going (in the right way - not torturing mummy). Not to be as hot as the flame, and that silly girl went to touch the flame earlier on and was crying in pain. Sigh....

The Ocha Cake
The daddy with his two princesses
Che-che helping to cut the cake, meimei is just trying to be irritating
Meimei enjoying smashing up the cake and messing the table. She fed the table instead.

Happy 16 month old baby! Mummy love you!!

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