Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dinner @ home

Mom asked us over for a dinner, it has been a while since she cooked for us to eat.

Since it's the New Year, I baked some cookies and gave it to them. I had wanted to decorate cupcakes but nothing to decorate with except quins so did this very stupid cookie.

Dinner was simple flair, but good enough to satisfy my palate, coz' mom cooks good food and she takes the effort to make them taste and look nice & presentable - before I decide that tomorrow I shall start to "jian fei"

Not much presentable pictures of the night.
After dinner was karaoke-ing. Athena sang one song, Amazing Grace. Wow! Err.... some wrong words but well.... my daughter is reading.

We left after that, Athena wanted to stay over so we let her stay. Good! No need to nag at her.

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