Monday, January 7, 2008

The truth!

I was commenting to hubby about wanting to make pandan cake on my own. Only to hear him comment "you pay this pack $2+, you can buy a cake at the same price, no need to waste time..."

To me, it's the time spent with Athena and baking it. So I commented that we can make cute small little cake with the small cake pans, Dora etc... Apparently that mini mummy aka Athena overheard me saying it and cut in "yah lor.... I can make Dora cake. Papa dunno...."

But the truth.... I say spend quality time is fake. Half the time or most of the time, you'll hear me nagging at Athena :
"Athena, be careful. "
"Ai yoh.... so messy."
"This is the last time I'm going to do this with you"

Okay, I acted a little smarter this time. I bought the pre- mixed Chiffon flour so I can cut down on some work... but have a feeling that I will still nag at her. Sigh.... will have to find one weekend to do it with her.

Ps : And Santa didn't deliver my oven at all!

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