Sunday, January 6, 2008

Aricia *re-post*

My little girl is getting adorable and more adorable with each passing day. As she discovers more about herself and more about her own capabilities, she makes me laugh. Like any proud mother who will praise their babies "Ooh...I love her!!"

She babbles alot now, really alot. You answer her; she babbles back. Dunno what the heck she's talking about but I just talk to her lor....
She has been reading. Yes.... she's reading >>>

Do you know what she's reading? I don't! And I find it amusing that she can "plah pleh psh ah blah etc..." very well when she flips the page over. And I must comment that Shichida teaches the children well in speed-reading coz' she flips the pages from page 1 to page 5 and then back to 2. She looks cute when she's doing that. Not only that, my girl has another talent - reading so well with the book upside down!!!funny videos

She's been telling me "nein" - speaking German to me or saying the number 9? I don't know but glad that she's listening and trying to speak some proper language instead of her plah pleh language.

Apart from her little words that she picked up, the updated words as at today :
dapar - diaper,
cookie - tuti
daddy - ah paahhhhhh
open - oo peh (she usually likes to take our hands and guide us on what she wants us to do)

She has been imitating us, cleaning the table, pinching nose etc... and earlier on, KZ just said "I love you" to her and she mumbles back a 3 syllable "bleh bleh blah"
She saw how we put on shoes, but I must comment that she's not a good imitator on that.

See how she lifts up her feet with the other hand to put on her shoe.

The bearer - she's been lugging things around with her as she makes her rounds round the house; coffee table. She's seen looking ridiculous with her che-che's water bottle (with the sling around her neck, which is almost same length than her. So she's dragging it along the floor) and walking around. You try to take it off? You have one screaming child. Another time she was seen lugging her toys (in NTUC bag) around the coffee table, and they're heavy for her.. but she still continued dragging on. Santa missed out a good helper here!

She comprehends what I'm telling her. A couple of times, she follows me into the storeroom bomb shelter when I needed to take something. She continues touching things inside until I threaten to leave her inside. She'll come out of there and then help me close slam the doors (the full length wardrobe disguise to hide the bomb shelter door)

I just realised she's been actioning 'hot' to me, in her version (again), with both hands flapping like bird but infront of her body.
And when she sees you holding a drink, she puts both palms on her cheeks; telling me to put it there. Coz' I normally like to 'chill' her cheeks and forehead. Of course if I'm holding a hot drink, I can't do it.

She remembers me doing the Incy Weency Spider song actions long long time ago. Coz' I haven;t done that for quite a while already. Then today we were playing the song, and she started mimicking the actions - of course she can't do it well .....but that's good enough for me.

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