Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Children

I look at the kiddos and see how the two of them play. Aricia is more responsive now, Athena seeing mei-mei responding to her; laughs out loud and by then they both compete who laughs the loudest. By then, we have a household which is superbly noisy.

Here in this video, I don't know what stupid thing Athena taught Aricia, and all I knew was the two of them were shaking their backside. Since that day (Tuesday), Aricia has never stopped shaking her backside.

I also don't know where Aricia got the idea on turning herself round and round, until she gets giddy and falls on her backside.
And the funny thing is, every time the moments she steps into the lift she'll laugh out loud and then turn herself around and she goes "oah...." When we're downstairs and there's a gust of wind blowing at us (also her), she'll stand there and say "oah..." and then laugh and turn round and round. If she's not turning, she'll be walking against the wind with the wind slapping on her face; laugh out loud. Very happy child I'd say. Half the time I look at her in amazement; at her little laughs and another half the time I worry if she'll get blown off by the strong wind. Ha!

Aricia is attempting to speak more words - which don't sound like the actual word.
eg. diaper (which she'll pull her shirt as if signing to us) - and then say 'poo pah'
She can't say 公公 but 爷爷 instead. (I think it's the word.. Athena also can't say 公公)
Tar as in car

Just the other day, I was mad at her and I told her "Aricia, mummy beat beat". Must be my tied up tongue that day, she looked at me; flapped her bib to me. ?!?!?!

Here she is trying to self-feed :

Tried putting her in the toilet seat, she screamed. She hates it! We have to hold on to her otherwise she will drop inside the toilet bowl. Now I need to buy a potty for her.

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