Friday, October 12, 2007


It took me a while to realize that my baby knew the concept of sorting.

The other day she was playing with the diapers in the side table drawer - throwing them out on the floor. Funny thing is, on that day she decided not to fling the diapers over her head but stuff it under our sofa. I was observing her until I noticed she paused to look at one diaper, and threw that behind her and continued putting the rests under the sofa.

Yesterday, she messed up the house with her blocks. And she did the nicest thing by putting it back in the box. The blocks consisted of 4 colours. And she was looking for the same colour to put them in by crawling from one place to another. It was suppose to be a 4 x 4, but being a baby, she can't slot in 4 in each row, so she took only 3 of each colour to put in. End result? The blocks inside topsy-turvy inside looks messy but .... she was sorting out the colours.Amazing isn't it??

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