Monday, October 1, 2007

1st October (long entry)

What a day to remember! It's Aricia's 3rd pneumo vaccination. Hubby had to comment "poor thing, go for injection on Children's Day."

Last night I kept thinking of places where I can bring them to to celebrate Children's Day (what's the big deal anyway??) Options were : discovery centre; vivocity; explorerkid; Go Go Bambini or the FOC - Ikea.
This morning, I decided I shall bring the children to check out Go Go Bambini and will ask Moo Han if she wants to go along. Afterall she said I was backdated.. (about the pouch) so prove to her I'm no longer backdated. (haha! actually got to hear of the place from her blog. Oi! Ah-soh very busy leh!) Thought will sms her later at the clinic.

As I was getting the kiddos ready. I noticed something different about Aricia. Look! You see it??
I saw double eyelid in her right eye. Hope it's the "real thing". *dancing around*

The clinic is crowded, goash! Waited 1 hours plus even though I made appointment. Reached out for handphone - OMG! I left it at home. How to sms Moo Han?? Thought I'll drive back home later to pick up phone.

Consultation with Dr Tan
Dr Tan mentioned she has tripled her birth weight at 1 year old, good for her progression and she's developing well. Below 3%tile but coz' she's born small, height wise they used a different measurement (Aricia gotta stand against the wall) and it's difficult to get the measurement. Dunno if it's accurate or not, but it shows she's at 3%tile?? Shrunk?
At one point, Dr Tan was asking me a question and before I could answer her, Aricia turned to her and said something. Dr Tan with her already big eyes stared at me in shock and asked "did she just answer me 'yes'?" I didn't hear anything but she said she heard her saying something sounding like yes to me, and it was to her question. (when I told KZ this, she said she heard her saying yes before, not the 'yes yes' but something like 'yeh'. Honestly, I haven't heard her saying that to me, much as I want to believe what they said is true.. but I don't think my girl superbly smart. Come on, saying 'yes' at this age? Then what? Graduate from Uni at 8?) Dr Tan then asked if Aricia is speaking, and she didn't seem surprised coz' she was mumbling alot in the room. Even when Dr Tan put the stethoscope to listen to her, she continued and was about to shrill loud, I distracted her - just in case Dr Tan goes deaf. (It reminded me of naughty Athena too! Dr Ng was telling her "don't talk.." next moment that girl opened her mouth; gave me a smile and then went "ahh...." quite softly)
But she did say her BCG mark is quite low, it should be higher. In my mind, I thought"yah, next time go for Miss Singapore competition sure lose in swimming costume round." I told her about Iggy's BCG on the arm, she did mention "private hospitals inject at buttocks; government at arms." Speaking of which, how come all her vaccinations are at the buttocks?? Does it mean private clinics do that too?? I can't recall where was Athena poked last time. Different PDs but all private. Ai yah, doesn't matter where they poke, it's still the same.

Then it's pokey pokey time. The girl sensed it, the moment Dr Tan tried to take off her diapers she started wailing out loud and held on to me so tightly. "my dear I haven't done anything yet," said Dr Tan. I found it funny and was laughing instead of comforting her. Bad mummy!

Had our lunch in McDonalds again! Never had so much in a span of 2 weeks just becoz' Athena wanted the Hello Kitty collection. One more to go!

Ai yoh! My dear Aricia fell asleep in the sling, even when I clumsily put her in the carseat, she was not roused from her sleep. Poor gal.... she must be really tired, and she slept with her mouth opened big! How to go back home? Had to carry her out and into the car. So in the end, decided that I shall just go without my handphone. Anyway, it's quite last minute dunno if Moo Han can make it in time. So decided that since I'm already backdated, so be it and gave Athena a choice of ExplorerKid or Ikea. She chose the former as she likes the place better.

Bumped into Teni there. Actually she approached me first, then I remembered seeing her at the zoo. Ahh.........met her little kiddos, sweet Johannah. The name sounds familiar, read in Moo Han's blog. Then I remembered the sweet girl in a black dress, so finally get to meet her in person - she looks different maybe coz' she was very tai-tai looking in that picture. Don't mind Teni ah........ (ps. that's why Moo Han's afraid of me)

Athena, Aricia and Johanna

Athena asked to sit on the expensive kiddy ride. Normally I'll say no, but today's her day I give in to her. So end up entertaining Aricia or rather, myself by taking photos again
Bumped into Jenny and the 2 kids outside Macs, had a short chat. Jenny commented "wah.. I really peifu you, can handle 2 kids alone." Ai yoh, I feel like telling her Teni's handling all 4 by herself, isn't that more capable?

Athena complaining hungry. After all the running about.... I wouldn't be surprised that she's all hungry again.
In the food court, I was carrying the ever clingy girl and one lady (she meant well, think she wanted to help me but the way she asked her question was quite tactless) said :
"you alone with a kid? How can?? No one come with you??" Feel like telling her I'm a single mother leh!

Lunch over, made our way back home. Needless to say, Athena fell fast asleep even before I reach TPE
All tired out!
Back at home, didn't want to stress the kids out. But still gave Aricia her session. Then... in the night it's time for this. Initially I had wanted to make something else but no cake pan so forget it. Instead I baked cookies. I cut out the crown from paper tracing. Quite messy huh? All these were done the night before. Athena helped (played) the Disney ones; breaking Piglet's and Mickey's ears off. Sigh..... Final end product of a simple crown cookies for the 2 princesses.

And so we sang a song for them.


Lydia Netzer said...

What a cute, cute post. :) I found your blog looking for other Suzuki moms. I'm Lydia, a Suzuki mom, and I'm hosting a practice challenge on my blog, "Little Blue School" to get us all practicing virtuously during the month of October. I have a practice chart and a certificate to print, and I'm giving away a handmade violin medallion to one of the children who completes the challenge. Maybe this would be fun for your Athena! :)


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Did you bake this yourself? This is so cute! I enjoy baking and am still new to it. Want to get more recipes and learn to make interesting cookies!

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