Saturday, October 6, 2007

Aricia's class

It's the start of the new term, a new classroom but the same old behaviour from my girl.

There are only left with the 3 of us in the class now. Initially there were 6 of them but was told one is on/off coz' she's from KL. When she happens to be in Singapore, then she'll come by. Jun Xi withdrew. Darius changed timing.

Somehow I'm really considering if I should also changed the timing. Coz' the timing it seems is neither here nor there.
This is normally what happens on a Friday :
8+ or latest 9am : drop Athena in school (depending on whether she wants to eat in school or outside)
9+ close to 10am : feed her milk (on usual days it's usually 10+am), then shower, then try to put her to sleep.
But she will not sleep. I need to leave the house latest at 11.30am though her class starts at 12.15pm (drive; parking; eat her lunch in school; relax in class before class starts). So most of the time, I have to leave the house much earlier, so that the car movement will make her sleep in the car. She sleeps... but then not enough sleep when I carry her out of the car.
12pm : feed her lunch in school. Depending on her, sometimes I can finish feeding her; sometimes cannot.

So when class starts, she's like never had enough sleep or have a half-filled stomach. When class about to end, she's extremely hungry; over stimulated. She don't sit still in class. She's paying attention and then she's not. The only time she sits still is during the flashcards and music starts.

Yesterday's class, she didn't get the telepathy right. Darn! No telepathy between her and me. Not my daughter? Brought wrong baby home??
I was a little better myself, in mentality-wise. I tried to think positive so that it'll affect her mood. Too positive liao! So much so that she preferred to play in class. Wah piang so much for her to play peek-a-boo in class??

Before the lesson ends, sensei said they have homework. I bursts out laughing "they do or...morel likely is we do it." Anyway, it's to teach them the letter A and B. Coincidently I was teaching her early the week these 2 letters.

I think I should try the 5 minute suggestion. Either that or give one more term to see, if this timing is not suitable; then I should change to one where it'll permit her sufficient rest.

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