Friday, October 12, 2007

Buay tahan

I tak boleh tahan my girl, she's a girl but yet she don't behave like one. Jeric and Javier were so obedient during class, whereas Aricia is figety.

I dunno what's wrong, it can't be the same excuse sensei mentioned " I think it's the break she had, give her time to adjust." She's been attending 3 consecutive lessons after our trip, isn't that sufficient?? She's too hyper. Thought she could be tired so over-stimulated. Today, she slept very well before the lesson but she behaved the same way as she did last and the previous week. Very sian leh.......when you have one kid who keeps flinging the cards off, more interested in velcro, wants to play peek-a-boo. I told sensei to ignore her today but she continued playing with a "bah" "bah"

I have not done the 5 minute suggestion for a long long time... so it's really weird for me to do that tonight. I dunno if I sounded sincere in the first place. Either that or I need someone to hypnotise her..

Photos of her taken today :
Prior to class

Sensei Sheryl
After class
Baby Jeric, Baby Aricia, Baby Javier

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