Thursday, October 11, 2007

So かわい!!

I think I've been deprived during my childhood. I always liked cute-sy stuffs but never to the extent that I've grown so 'soft' by the sight of it, until now.... Well, who says being a mother has a setback? I have the excuse of going googoo-gaga over the cute things.

Hello Kitty is cute, yes no doubt. But I didn't understand why Athena was so happy with the shirt she has and was gleefully smiling/happy that she vomitted once outside (daddy had to buy her a shirt outside) and it was Hello Kitty. Since then she kept insisting on wearing the Hello Kitty shirt, even when we tell her it's in the wash she insists on wearing it.
I mean.. yes it's cute but it's mouthless!!
Then came the MacDonald collections. I played with it too. Heehee!

Seeing how much she likes Hello Kitty, I promised her a Hello Kitty birthday theme for her school celebration, but ours has to be kept at - yes! that Hispanic girl Dora theme. Coz' I've already bought all the favors and cake ordered from Anna. And then I went on to buy Hello Kitty things for the goodie bags for her school children. Sigh..........$$$ wasted!

PS. For those who are reading this and invited to the party. Abit thick-skinned here lah.... but no Dora toys for her okay? She's got alot of Dora toys

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