Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cute little baby

Was snapping some photos of Aricia watching Tv some time last week, when she turned to look at me and gave me a funny grin
Turned her head back to the screen, I continued snapping, she deliberately pouted her lips.

She can say bear quite clearly, tiger - sounds like it, gorilla - sounds funny but it comes with 3-syllabus, say 'I wan' and hand sign at the same time, shouts the word 'eye' and it sounds the same when she sees the word 'arm'. Tells us she wants milk by going "meh meh" not as in the sound cow makes but she couldn't pronounce milk properly. She actions "milk" to us too!

Hand signing :
bird - funny way of doing it but it's wrong
aeroplane - she's not wrong that the hand had to do the fly action but she comes out with 2 hands now, like playing mahjong
apple - wrong! doing candy
milk - she gets the idea but like spastic movement.

Was told yesterday morning, she woke KZ in the morning; hitting her face and saying "meh meh meh"

She has found a new place to play too - behind the large speaker. We have pushed the speakers lean against the wall today to avoid any injury

My little girl (gasp) has become a litterbug. Yesterday KZ was carrying her and looking out of the window..when that girl.... took the pacifier from her mouth and threw it out of our window!!!!
Can't imagine my girl wearing the striped top. Hee!

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