Monday, July 14, 2008

Trip to Phoon Huat

While she was in her Berries class, I went over to Phoon Huat to get spatula. The last cake, I had to use butter knife and actually took out the frying ladle - just in case I needed a bigger and flatter thing (okay, don't laugh ok??)

On my shopping list was :
1) spatula
2) lazy susan so I can turn the cake do an even spread of buttercream or frosting
3) something that can help with cutting the cake even
4) thermometre

In the end, I only bought the spatula. The cheapest lazy susan they have is $7+. Cheap! But no space in my cupboard now. Of course they carry the Wilton Turnable but I only bake for family (see how lucky unlucky they are) so save up $$.
I don't have any thing to hook up the thermometre in my oven

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