Saturday, July 26, 2008

Math Dot

I really wonder how the kids can get the dots.
Gf Jasmine did ask me this question long time ago when I was only using GD method on Athena, "how does the dots help?" I don't know how to answer her, the kids will know .... perhaps a good answer would be "your friend is stupid to listen to every thing researchers say."

Tested Aricia all the equations ( 12 + 13 = ?? etc....) and out of 7 questions, she got 2 wrong. I tried on Athena, showing her equations but coz' she hasn't been shown the dots daily and she's like 6 now - left brain (logical thinking), she can't image the dots to numbers. Then she answers wrongly, based on ticum ticum.

The remark I received from Athena was "not fair! becoz' meimei go to しちだ." When both KZ and me heard that, KZ was the first to say "no! it's mummy who teach her, Shichida only one time in a week." I added on, "Aricia attends 妈妈だ." - lol

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